Three ways to optimise your CRM data

So now you have assessed the health of your Zoho CRM system and know exactly which fields need some emergency care.


Here are our three top tips to keep your CRM in the best of health.


In the video, we explain:


  • Unique Fields – how to avoid duplicating records
  • Mandatory Fields – making sure users enter critical field data
  • Extensions – eliminate the hassle of entering data manually

Now you have seen the extensions it’s time to get them working on your CRM.

Our suite of extensions will auto-populate your Zoho CRM with:

  • Street address details from 249+ countries globally

  • Key decision maker information from LinkedIn

  • Email addresses for companies anywhere in the world

To get started with these Apps, book an onboarding call now. During this brief, 30-minute call, we can show you how our suite of Zoho CRM extensions can turbocharge your business.

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