Keeping your CRM up-to-date with company, contact and address data

Dataholics turns outdated, incorrect, or missing Zoho CRM data into current, accurate and reliable data, without the need for manual data entry.

What is Dataholics?

App Extension

Dataholics is an app extension for your Zoho CRM, made by Zoho users for Zoho users.

Zoho CRM

Having helped over 300 business improve their Zoho CRM, we created our apps with users at the core.

Up To Date

We know the problems users have in keeping their Zoho CRM up to date with correct and complete data so created Dataholics to help other users gain the same benefits we’ve experienced.

How does Dataholics Work?

By scouring the internet for online sources of information, Dataholics gathers data from numerous global services and pushes it directly into your CRM records.


International street address lookup (including What3Words Integration)


Email, job title and social media links for leads and contacts


Company insights for all your leads and accounts

All these data points are instantly sourced, verified, and entered into your Zoho CRM automatically.



Why use Dataholics?

A CRM is crucial for every business. Used correctly, it’s a powerful tool. However, it’s only as good as the data it holds.

And missing or bad data is a problem for every business with a CRM.


When you first install a system like Zoho, it’s great. But the shine quickly fades as data goes out of date, people get sloppy, take shortcuts, and leave fields blank.


According to Zoho, within 12 months, 91% of CRM data may be incorrect, missing or duplicated.


Dataholics is the most complete data entry solution available today. By removing the human element, Dataholics improves the accuracy and quality of your data. It also means your people can focus on their day jobs instead of filling in database fields all day.

Benefits of Dataholics

Cleanse Bad Data

Spring-clean your Zoho CRM to make your data useable again. Replace your incorrect field data with the correct information.

Banish Missing Fields

Automatically populate empty fields with the correct data – no need for manual entry.

Level-Up Customer Service

Give your account managers the correct information about their clients. And make sure your deliveries go to the right addresses with What3Words integration.

Boost Sales

Bypass the gatekeepers by having direct contact information for your prospects.

Improve Marketing Results

Reduce hard email bounces and ensure your marketing messages reach their targets.

Make Better Decisions

Management can be confident the decisions they make are based on accurate data.

Our Ethos of Continuous Improvement

As Zoho users ourselves, we’re continually improving Dataholics to provide the latest benefits and keep our reputation as a premium-quality Zoho CRM marketplace provider.


Our development team constantly adds new features to give you all the information your business needs.


Instantly and accurately.


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