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How to identify missing
Zoho CRM data instantly

In seconds, the Audit Tool for Zoho CRM will tell you if your database is healthy, or in critical condition.

Honestly, are these the best ways to keep on top of your CRM data?

The Audit Tool for Zoho CRM instantly analyses your CRM data then shows you how much critical information you’re missing in each module.

Ignoring the problems in your Zoho CRM will cause bigger problems across your entire organisation, such as:

Invoices and deliveries going astray

Ineffective account management

Wasted marketing activity.

Manually trawling through records in your CRM to correct errors or insert missing data isn’t efficient and is rarely done thoroughly.

Wastes time


Wastes internal resources

How much are those empty data fields costing you?

Incomplete CRM data leads to:


  • Poor targeting of marketing campaigns.

  • Bad customer service.

  • No accurate data to measure company performance.

  • Missed sales opportunities.


Imagine knowing which data needs fixing and how serious the problems are, at the click of a button?

The Audit Tool gives you a detailed report per module, showing you how many records are incomplete. A simple traffic light system allows you to prioritise the most serious problems to fix first.

See how easy it is...

But don’t take our word for it—this is what some of our customers said about the Audit Tool for Zoho CRM extension:

“Very easy to see which fields are missing information – loved the “consequences” report as to why these things were important.”

Claire, Cube HR (UK)

Companies all over the world are benefiting from the Audit Tool for Zoho CRM. Join them now by installing this tool.